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In your car. At home. At work. We all listen to the radio. Is your ad campaign ready to hit the airwaves? We can make that it is! Radio advertising has the potential to reach millions of people every week. There are over 20 defined radio formats designed to attract a wide variety of demographics. Drill Media has key contacts in all formats to properly place your ad in the correct demographics. And since people listen to the radio an average of three hours a day, you have the opportunity to make lots of money at a relatively low cost.

 But you have to make sure you have a suitable product for radio. We will work with you to determine if your product is right for radio. If your product requires a visual demonstration, then radio's not the best choice for you. We believe that radio should be used as a lead-generation mechanism. Give listeners some perks for responding such as free information, a free estimate or a free product sample. 

The basic rules of advertising still apply. You need a strong introduction, good offer, and solid approach to the benefits of your product and a call to action.

And when your radio commercial is ready to go, Drill Media will be there to ensure it hits the air more than the typical 12 to 18 times a week. It's just not enough to get your message out there. Some listeners need to hear your message a couple of times before they respond. This ensures they'll get that chance.